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 Elephants of Africa Rescue Society

MISSION STATEMENT:  Elephants of Africa Rescue Society is dedicated to supporting projects aimed at securing a safe habitat for wild, African animals and dedicated to providing a sanctuary for their captive cousins with a special focus on elephants. We believe that by educating the public about the problems facing both captive and wild animals we can increase awareness and support. Visit the E.A.R.S. website @ for more information.

Anniversary seal 2012 sml02

A Little History:  E.A.R.S. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by several wild animal trainers and good friends seeking similar goals for their futures and the futures of their elephants. With a fair amount of work, a little luck, and a lot of help from our friends, all are hoping that education will one day be the predominant source of support for all of us.


The Elephants of EARS:

Currently, EARS houses 5 African elephants - (front to rear) Paula, Kristi, Buffy and Butch with a little Mailika show left of Butch (rt.)

IMG_3621 sml
PICT1336 sml
PICT1211 sml

Click here to learn how you can help us help these majestic animals while at the same time commemorating a special friend in your life.

Where does Monterey Zoo fit in???

It's no secret that if the years of working in this industry did anything positive for our owner Charlie Sammut, it provided a fondness and love for working with African Elephants. We are therefore dedicating the remainder of our ranch to E.A.R.S. in an attempt to become the main location for some of the animals it may come in contact with needing homes in the future.

Next we implemented a full time educational program with our young elephant, "Lisa", called "AN ELEPHANT ENCOUNTER" which is now touching students and audiences throughout central California. This program will benefit the animals at Wild Things and E.A.R.S..

We are currently allowing our elephants to participate in noninvasive studies that we feel will benefit the national data base. This in turn will better the lives of all elephants in captivity, including our own. Veterinarians and students from universities across the country are invited to study our group of elephants as well as receive samples (blood, stool, and/or urine) for their work. The captive population of African elephants is very threatened by our inability to successfully breed in captivity. Should tragedy strike in the wild, we could loose the species entirely therefore, we feel the captive elephant population is an insurance to all elephants and that all responsible captive elephant managers are obligated to participate in any scientific programs which might minimize this risk.

May 20th, 2017

We hope be able to join us for this event. Click here to be sure you don't out

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Banner sign

If you've never attended one of these Gala's and enjoyed one of the many theme parties, click on the links below and you'll wonder why.


EARS 2014 elephant and ferret clr with Text

May 17th, 2014 set yet another new record for our annual EARS ~ Monterey Zoo Gala. Click here to learn more about this event and others like it.

If you've never been to one of these annual galas, you won't want to miss our next one. They truly are unlike any other you've ever attended!

Be sure to check back for information on how you can secure your seats. These events sells out quickly and is on a first come first serve basis. We hope you'll join us.

EARS 2013  elephant with ferret sml

Once a year in May, we host a HUGE formal gala with dinner, dancing, live and silent auctions and entertainment like no other found at such a fundraising event. This event is limited to the first 300 people who rsvp and it sells out more and more quickly every year.

Our theme for 2013 was "Come on a Safari with Us" and was held on May 18th, 2013

 Would you like to get on the mailing list to receive an invitation? Email us at to do so and become one of the many who refuse to miss this one of a kind enchanting evening each year. Click here to learn much more about this years event.

EARS elephant w- ferret w monkey clr 2012 w-logo and date smler04

May 19th was the night of our 2012 fundraising event for EARS and a great time for all who attended. This event saw more emotion than any yet for our theme was Pachyderms and Patriots, a tribute to the many who protect our nation and community as well as an introduction to how the elephants or EARS are helping our American veterans. Scroll down to learn much more about this program and click here to see photos of our 2012 event. You won't want to miss the next one. 

EARS 2011 scuba elephant clump clr sml

May 14th 2011 found us

Under the Sea sml

at the

Pink Elephant Lounge

For much more information on this event along with photos, and how you can be sure not to miss the next one, click here to visit our dedicated EARS website at:

Our Heroes Dreams Healing Safari Logo framed with flag - color sml02

Join us on a new adventure for EARS in 2012 and learn how the elephants of EARS are helping wounded veterans and their families. This is both one of our proudest moments and an honor to be a part of helping those whom we are so indebted to for all they did for us.

YouTube OHD Vid

Join us on a new adventure for Click here to learn more about this project and how you can join the effort. Click on the link (Rt) to see the Our Heroes' Dream YouTube video. Learn in minutes why this program is so worthy of your support.

Group Shot Jasper (hi-res) with lion-tiger sml02

We took great pride in 2007 and 2008 when presenting the All American Boys Chorus in concert to our donors. It was truly the most positive response we ever received to any efforts we've made to raise money for the elephants. Be sure to check back for dates of future performances.  Click here and learn much more.

For more information on future fundraisers or about E.A.R.S. and it's future projects, or becoming an EARS Sponsor, please contact us at or call us at E.A.R.S. (831) 455-1919

* A very special Thank-You to Linda Rosen, our friend and artist who created the    E.A.R.S. logo for us.

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