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Steve Irwin
Steve, Charlie & Heather Faded sml

Charlie Sammut & Heather Greaux of Wild Things  and "Indy" working with Steve at an Australian Aniversary celebration.

A very sad Farewell to a very special friend to all in the animal world...

Especially the animals...

On several occasions, Wild Things' owner, Charlie Sammut has had the extreme pleasure of working with Mr. Steve Irwin, better known and loved by all as the "Crocodile Hunter"

His tragic death has devastated all who knew him and many more who enjoyed the tremendous work he did with animals.

We hope to carry on Steve's efforts. We hope to emulate his sincere commitment to wildlife.

We will never forget the Crocodile Hunter and always cherish the gift of having met, worked with and shared in his efforts.

... Steve might have made a tremendous impact on Hollywood but he was anything other than Hollywood. He was never acting. That colorful, animated, joyful man most people only saw on film and television was just as colorful, animated and joyful when not on camera. He was REAL.

I believe Steve Irwin had a greater impact on the salvation of the animal kingdom than any man has ever had. The "Crocodile Hunter" was known to all in every country - any language. Steve taught all that the animals are all the same, all worth saving, all just different shapes - a philosophy we live by at Wild Things.

Steve's work was only beginning. He had many irons on the coals that would benefit animals around the world. I am one who truly believes in another place, a better place, where Steve is today reunited with the many animals he's helped that had passed on before him. A place I hope to join him when my time comes.

In the mean time, we hope and pray for his wife Terry and their beautiful kids. We invite Terry to call upon us and our animals at any time to help carry on Steve's work and commitment to wildlife.

Charlie Sammut, Owner Wild Things

Steve and Charlie 1 faded sml

Wild Things Owner, Charlie Sammut and "Indy" working with Steve at an Australian Aniversary celebration.

Jim, Gina & Steve

A very special thanks to Jim and Gina Brockett who first introduced us to Steve Irwin and called upon our animals on several occasions to work him.

We invite all who visit our site to visit . Wildlife Warriors is the new name of the conservation based wildlife organization founded and still supported by Steve and Teri Irwin. Without a doubt, a gift to Wildlife Warriors would be the kind of gift Steve would welcome and appreciate in his memory.

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